Carl Nielsen: Incidental Music 1

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Carl Nielsen: Incidental Music 1
Bühnenmusik vol.6 Karls Nielsen. Gebundenes Buch.Ballad for Jóhann Sigurjónsson's play The Liar; Music for Adam Oehlenschläger's Midsummer Eve Play; Music for Adam Oehlenschläger's play Hagbarth and Signe; Music For Andreas Munch's play An Evening At Giske; Music for Einar Christiansen's play Native Land; Music for Helge Rode's prologue Shakespeare; Music For Holger Drachmann's Melodrama Snefrid; Music for Jeppe Aakjær's play The Wolf's Son; Music for Lauritz Christian Nielsen's play Willemoes; Music for Ludvig Holstein's play Tove; Music for Otto Benzon's play Parents; Song for Gustav Wied's and Jens Petersen's play Atalanta; Song For Helge Rode's play The Fights In Stefan Borg's HouseEnglisch, DänischORCH - Orchester

Edition Wilhelm Hansen

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